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Innovative and voluntary climate protection

Your voluntary contribution of CHF 2.00 per reservation will make a real contribution to protecting the climate. Reduce your C02 emissions in a myclimate climate protection project. CHF 2.00 approximately corresponds to the average CO2 emissions caused by you driving from your home to Zurich Airport  and back again.

myclimate is a Swiss non-profit organisation and is one of the world's leading providers of voluntary carbon offsetting measures. myclimate climate protection projects are characterised by close adherence to strict criteria. The organisation also prepares CO2 audits and provides information in climate education programmes on climate change and climate protection.

Climate protection projects

myclimate is active all over the world developing and supporting projects aimed at directly reducing greenhouse gases and thereby protecting the climate. Your voluntary contribution will go towards the myclimate Gold Standard Portfolio.

Click on the following link if you wish to have more information on the various myclimate projects:

International climate protection projects

myclimate and Airportparking wish to thank you foe your contribution to climate protection.