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general terms and conditions

I. Contractual conclusion
All quotations issued by Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH are non-binding unless otherwise explicitly stated. Mailing of the booking by Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH constitutes a binding quotation for contractual agreement. The contract only comes into effect through respective confirmation by Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH, which is generally issued within 24 hours of a booking request. If a third party makes the booking, they are jointly liable - in addition to the customer - for all contractual obligations of the customer. The entitlements arising from the contractual relationship are exclusively held by the customer and can only be transferred to a third party following receipt of agreement from

II. Scope of service
Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH makes available to the customer an unmanned parking space with no protection against the elements in the car park areas leased by it, for the duration of the rental agreement and exclusively for parking purposes. Surveillance and safe-keeping are not objects of the contract. There is no entitlement to a specific parking space. Furthermore, the agreed scope of service includes transferral of the vehicle from the airport to the car park and back. The respective arrival and department times must be quoted by the customer within the framework of the booking. The customer must inform Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH of any subsequent change to the transfer times in good time and at least 12 hours in advance. The customer undertakes to inform Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH in good time of any cancellations, booking amendments, flight number changes and lengthy delays to the return flight. The customer is responsible for ensuring that they arrive at the terminal in good time. If the customer does not in fact travel but the customer's vehicle has nonetheless been driven away from the airport by Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH, an administrative fee of CHF 50.00 shall be charged. Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH shall therefore not be responsible for any late arrival of the customer at the airport. For the purpose of relocating the vehicle it may be necessary to travel a maximum of 20 kilometres with the vehicle.

III. Prices and terms of payment
The prices quoted by Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH are always binding. Decisive is the price listed in the booking and confirmed by Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH within the framework of the booking confirmation. All prices quoted include the valid statutory sales tax. The agreed parking fee falls payable at the agreed vehicle handover time at the latest and must be paid by the customer. Periods exceeding the agreed parking duration shall be charged according to the respective valid tariffs. Each day started shall be calculated as a whole day.

IV. Cancellations, booking amendments and retrospective changes to booked services
It is possible to cancel service bookings prior to the parking period commencing, free of charge. Cancellation must be submitted in writing to Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH. The point in time of cancellation shall be determined based on the time of receipt of notification by Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH. Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH must be advised of any booking amendments (earlier or later return flights) made during the trip by email, sent to This notification must be submitted no later than 12 hours prior to landing in Zurich. In case of booking amendments for which no notification is provided, no liability shall be accepted and the customer must anticipate waiting for an unspecified period whilst the vehicle is readied accordingly. Furthermore, amendments without prior notification shall be subject to a charge of CHF 50.00.

V. Liability
Liability of Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH and its legal representatives and vicarious agents is expressly excluded. An exception to this is liability for damages due to injury to life, limb or health as well as any other damages for which Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH or its legal representatives or vicarious agents are culpable as a result of gross negligence or malice in relation to any contractual violation. Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH shall not be liable for damage to vehicles parked in its car parks, or for any theft of vehicle contents. Furthermore, Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH shall not be liable for any vehicles stolen from the car park. If a vehicle should fail to start as a result of a technical defect then the customer shall be responsible for implementing the respective measures (TCS). If the vehicle fails to start following TCS intervention, Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH shall not be liable for any return journey or accommodation costs (taxi, hire car, hotel). No liability is accepted for technical or mechanical failures that arise once the vehicle has been handed over, or prior to its return. Any repairs are the responsibility of the customer. Vehicles that do not start due to low or empty batteries shall be jump started by us, without any guarantee of their subsequent functionality. A subsequent battery replacement is excluded and shall be rejected. In the event of a key being lost by Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH, the customer shall be provided with a vehicle for the journey home, a spare key shall be collected from the customer within an expedient period and the customer's vehicle shall be driven to them. Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH shall also bear the costs of obtaining a replacement key. Replacement of the ignition lock and door lock is excluded. In the event of damages to customer vehicles (wear and tear, technical defects, stationary damage, force majeure, vandalism, etc, excluded) being caused and reported by personnel of Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH, the customer shall receive the sum stipulated by the insurer. Excluded are further claims on the part of the customer, such as a replacement vehicle, bonus loss, compensation for inconvenience and all other claims that are not covered by the insurance policy of Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH.

VI. Failure to supply a vehicle key and unpaid parking fees
The customer undertakes to supply the vehicle key at the point of vehicle handover (prior to the departure flight) to Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH in car park P3, storey 2 and to pay the respective parking fee. In the case of vehicles that are handed over without a vehicle key, an administrative charge of CHF 200.00 shall be charged in addition to the parking fee payable. The parking fee and the administrative charge shall be paid upon return to the Airportparking counter. If this balance is not settled upon return to the Airportparking counter then the customer shall receive an invoice demand for the amount. Furthermore, in the case of vehicles left without a key, Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH reserves the right to have vehicles towed away by Flughafen Zürich AG at the cost of the customer.

VII. Data protection
Airportparking (Switzerland) GmbH guarantees that the customer’s personal data entered on the booking form shall not be passed on to third parties and that this data shall be used exclusively for the performance of services requested by you.

Kloten, September 2012